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When you buy a Gift of Compassion for a loved one, you both play a part in changing the life of a child in need! Which gifts will you choose?


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GOC Kitchen Utensils icon
Kitchen Utensils

No matter how healthy a meal is, if it’s prepared in an unhygienic way it can make kids sick. Help stock kitchens with useful utensils to make sure the food children eat is safely prepared and enjoyed!

GOC Mozzie Net Icon
Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets save lives. Protect children from deadly malaria by giving families insecticide-treated nets to sleep peacefully under.

GOC Chicken Icon

A chicken gives a family a source of income and a supply of eggs to eat. It’s a boost for a family’s financial situation, and their pantry!

GOC Bibles icon

Encourage a love for God’s Word by giving children their very own Bible so they can read the life-changing gospel message. *Please note, this gift is not tax deductible.

Vaccinations Icon

Help protect children by preventing the deadly diseases that steal millions of lives each year. Your gift will provide children with the vaccinations they need to grow up healthy and strong.

Baby Essentials Kit icon
Baby Essentials Kit

Give a vital gift to a brand-new mum. Hand-delivered with a hug by Compassion staff, the essentials kit for newborns is filled with the necessary supplies a mum needs to care for her bundle of joy.

Goat icon

Gifting a goat provides a struggling family with nutritious food, extra income, and a source of milk for their growing children.

Textbooks icon

Textbooks are a scarce resource in developing countries; libraries often non-existent. Your gift will provide children with access to these important resources, encouraging a love of learning.

Clean Water Icon
Clean Water

Be the solution to one of the most urgent needs in the developing world: access to safe water.

Pregnancy Care icon
Pregnancy Care

This gift has an impact from the womb to the playroom. Provide a mum with prenatal classes and checkups plus support during and after the delivery of her little one.

Sewing Machine icon
Sewing Machine

Equip caregivers and young adults with a skilled trade like tailoring plus the support and tools they need to earn an income.

Cow icon

This gift provides families with a source of manure (great for veggie gardens) and income, and a ready supply of nutritious milk.

Vocational Training icon
Vocational Training

This gift is an investment in a young person’s future. Provide young adults with the further education and training they need to reach their God-given potential and secure a job.

Business Startup icon
Business Startup

Empower caregivers to become economically self-supporting by equipping them with business skills and income generating training. This gift will change futures!

Rebuilding Homes icon
Rebuilding Homes

An unsafe home leaves a child vulnerable and in danger. Help protect these children by rebuilding their home after disaster has struck, or providing essential repairs and improvements.

Compassion Centre icon
Compassion Centre

Help prepare a church in a developing country to establish a Compassion centre and release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Your gift can help renovate and outfit the building, train and hire staff, and enable the church to begin supporting children through our life-changing sponsorship program.

Compassion Centre icon

Helping open a new Compassion centre is a gift we’ve never had before!

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