Take the trip of a lifetime

You’re invited to the front lines of Compassion’s ministry to witness the beauty and strength of local churches in the midst of poverty.

Take the trip of a lifetime

You’re invited to the front lines of Compassion’s ministry to witness the beauty and strength of local churches in the midst of poverty.

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See God's heart

God’s love transforms children, families and entire communities. See it in action!

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Broaden your perspective

Return from your experience informed and empowered to help advocate for those living in poverty.

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Take a step inside

Share the fun, laughter and joy at a Compassion child development centre.

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Meet and greet

Experience a special part of your sponsorship journey: meet your sponsored child!

Upcoming Trips

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06 Apr – 17 Apr, 2021

From the shores of Lake Victoria to the northern mountains, Uganda is beautiful and lush, despite the ongoing drought in the east. It defies easy assumptions—so come and see it for yourself!



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West Africa - Ghana & Togo

08 Apr – 21 Apr, 2021

Come and see the local church in action in West Africa. A rare Insight Trip to both Ghana and Togo promises you an epic adventure across two countries over two weeks—and memories to last a lifetime.



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21 Jun – 02 Jul, 2021

Home to Africa’s highest point, Mt Kilimanjaro, and the world-famous Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is filled with natural wonders. Despite relative peace and stability many people still live in poverty—but the local church is changing hearts and lives.



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13 Aug – 24 Aug, 2021

A land of breathtaking contrasts. The endless grassy plains and the hustle of Nairobi’s streets; the glittering skyscrapers and the shanty homes. Meet the children and church workers, and experience life in their shoes.



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The Philippines

02 Sep – 10 Sep, 2021

Sandy beaches and smiling faces: the Philippines is known for its beauty and hospitality. But it’s also home to millions living in poverty and on the streets. See how your support, Compassion and local churches are together making a difference.



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24 Sep – 05 Oct, 2021

If any country knows hope and healing, it’s Rwanda. See God’s peace infiltrating the lives and hearts of children, even in the ongoing struggle of poverty.



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Indonesia (Java)

30 Sep – 08 Oct, 2021

Say hello to our neighbours on Indonesia’s largest island, Java! Although Christianity is a minority religion, churches in Indonesia are growing, and Compassion has been serving children in Indonesia in partnership with these churches for decades.



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06 Oct – 14 Oct, 2021

The ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’ has seen rapid social and economic development, and Compassion has been working with local churches in Thailand for over 50 years. It's a wonderful place to witness the joy of children being released from poverty.



Muskathlon Indonesia

14 Oct – 23 Oct, 2021

From the island community of Kupang, you’ll be inspired and challenged in equal measure. Grit your teeth through the most taxing bits, and as the sweat starts pouring off you just think of the swim you’ll enjoy when the work is done.

€ 1,300 (AU$2300*)

What Travellers are Saying


“I leave happy—happy with joy. I promise to continue writing letters for Elian and his family. This experience changed my heart and my life. I am very grateful to God, and every day I will continue praying for my Elian.”



“I cried as I hugged them all goodbye. It’s a very surreal feeling, meeting a child and their family and going into their home. It’s hard to leave as you don’t know if or when you’ll be able to return and see them again.”



“It was like we had known each other ever since she was born, and that we had been apart for so long. This is, for us, a dream come true: to visit the girl who has been in our prayers, on our hearts and in our thoughts for 11 years.”