Your sponsorship counts

We believe the Church is God’s chosen instrument of hope to the world, and the most effective, missionally aligned human development organisation on the planet. To this point, Hillsong and Compassion have been partnering together for over 19 Years, the impact of our partnership has multiplied with the sponsorship of over 100,000 children.

COVID-19 has not spared Uganda. Let's continue to make an impact by sponsoring children, making sure they are known, loved and protected.

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How does Compassion work with children, families, communities impacted during this time?

As the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted group gatherings in many countries, your support provides:

The stability of local church staff who know your sponsored child’s story and circumstances.
A team of caring people checking in with each child and their family through innovative means.
Food packs when needed, with nutritious essential items like rice, eggs, meat, milk, corn, and dry goods.
Hygiene and sanitation supplies.
Personalised support when needed, like rent assistance, household items, emotional support and trauma counselling.
A watchful eye for child protection/abuse.

How you can pray

Thank you for praying for children and families in Uganda who have been impacted by COVID-19—and the local staff and churches who continue to serve them in difficult circumstances.

Please join us in praying for the following:

  • Healing for Micheal and Pakari’s father as he recovers from a broken leg. Pray for wisdom for the doctors as they run further tests to discover the reason for his bones weakening.
  • The safety and protection of the children, families, and staff. Pray for complete healing and a quick recovery for those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • God’s peace and comfort would be with Kennedy before, during and after his operation.
  • Strength and encouragement as Lillian recovers from her heart operation. Pray that she wouldn’t have any lasting side effects, and she would be able to return to doing the things she loves.
  • Kisakye and Odalang would be able to have their needed heart operations soon.
  • God would continue to motivate and encourage Odongo, Madrine and Nekesa as COVID-19 caused them to begin to attend university classes online.
  • God would be with Violet’s family and the project staff as they try to find resources for Violet, who has cerebral palsy, so she can live and fulfill the purposes that God has for her.
  • Complete healing for Timothy, who was diagnosed with sickle cell.
  • God’s healing for Emmanuel and his mother as they recover injuries caused by accident.
  • God would use and bless the church partner staff as they desire to share God’s love with the children in their communities.
  • God would continue to bring healing and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.
  • God’s Will would be accomplished in the upcoming elections.
Food relief for families in Uganda

Food relief for families in Uganda

The lockdown restrictions in Uganda to prevent the spread of COVID-19 saw Obbo lose his job as a cook in a school. “I tried to look for work. However, the rich who can hire fear COVID-19 and wouldn’t hire me,” says Obbo. “The rich are fearful of COVID-19; the poor fear hunger.”   Read more open_in_new