Considering sponsorship? Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program doesn’t just address a child’s physical needs, but the needs of their heart, mind and soul. Here are three ways our sponsorship program is different.

Poverty tells children that their life is hopeless.

But, sponsorship tells a very different story.

When you sponsor a child through Compassion, you provide life-changing support, encouragement and hope. Here’s why sponsorship with Compassion changes a child’s life:

1. Sponsorship creates life-changing educational opportunities

Why Sponsor a Child with Compassion?

Education is a powerful tool that can break the generational cycle of poverty. According to UNICEF poverty is one of the key factors that affect a child’s schooling and education—the world’s poorest children are five times more likely to be out of school than their peers. Without sufficient education, children are not equipped to enter the workforce, limiting their chances of obtaining safe and meaningful employment in the future.

Every child registered with Compassion’s sponsorship program has the opportunity to attend school to receive an education. With the support and love of the local church and dedicated child workers, every child receives all they need to learn, grow and fulfil their potential. In many areas, schools are not easily accessible—children might hike for over an hour or ride on a donkey's back to attend school. Sponsorship can help families afford transport options for their child to attend school. In other instances, local church partners advocate on behalf of minority groups and fight against harmful traditions such as child marriage, to empower a child with an education.

Sponsorship also equips children living in poverty with resources to maximise their literacy skills and educational opportunities. Books, stationery, uniforms and extra-curricular activities are funded through sponsorship.

Mary Wambui was born in Kenya and raised by a single mother. Through Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program, Mary had the chance to pursue her dreams in fashion and design. Today, Mary is financially self-sufficient, running her own business and employing disadvantaged youths in her shops. Education provides opportunities for women like Mary to break out of poverty.

From police officers to entrepreneurs and government officials—read these inspiring stories of Compassion Alumni to see how sponsorship works in action!

2. Sponsorship provides personal attention, guidance and love

Why Sponsor a Child with Compassion?

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program is child-focussed, addressing more than the physical needs of a child. Through socio-emotional care and mentorship, each child at a local church centre is known, protected and loved.

When a child joins a local Compassion centre, they form key relationships with teachers, staff and church leaders that impact a child’s life forever. One of the key relationships formed is between a child and their sponsor. Through letter writing and Insight Trips, Compassion encourages the development of a one-to-one relationship that goes beyond borders and unites two people through the love of Christ. Words of truth, kindness and love from a sponsor remind a child living in poverty they are valuable and precious.

More than 80,000 Australian sponsors speak words of life and hope to children around the world. Read how a simple letter can make a lasting difference.

In addition to socio-emotional support, sponsorship also equips children with life-saving health and hygiene training and with supplementary food as required. Hygiene training ensures children adopt essential habits, such as washing their hands, and have access to medical care and support in times of need.

3. Sponsorship releases children from poverty in Jesus' name

Why Sponsor a Child with Compassion?

Compassion’s program is Christ-centred and church-based, which means every child has the opportunity to learn about Jesus—the source of eternal hope.

Sponsorship with Compassion is a direct way for children living in poverty to encounter their Creator and Heavenly Father. Compassion serves children living in poverty regardless of their religion, and partners with local churches to provide Bible teaching and training so that each child gains the opportunity to meet Jesus personally.

Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program is uncompromisingly Christ-centered and for more than 65 years, Compassion has been releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion has impacted more than three million children around the world—and currently supports more than 2 million in over 25 developing countries.

Make a practical and eternal difference by sponsoring a child today.

Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation today to a cause you are passionate about. When you give a donation to a Critical Need, your gift is not only tax deductible in Australia but also gives a child living in poverty life-saving support. Poverty leaves children without any safety net or protection, so when unforeseen circumstances arise, like a natural disaster, there is often little hope for recovery. You can give an online donation today and make a significant impact!

To claim a tax deduction at the end of the financial year, all you need to do is keep an eye on your email. Your receipt for your tax return will be emailed to you by our friendly team.


Words by Shona Yang and Richard Miller