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mothers die from pregnancy related causes per 100,000 births


of people live below the poverty line


of people lack access to safe water

Joel Macharia

Letter from Compassion Kenya Director, Joel Macharia

Dear Sponsor, My name is Joel Macharia. I am the Compassion Kenya Country Director. I’m married to Sally and have three children. In my free time, I play soccer, indoor games, and read. Compassion International has been working in Kenya since 1980. We are in partnership with 372 local churches, serving more than 113,000 babies, children and youth. On behalf of all sponsored children in Kenya, thank you for your support and care.

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A Morning at Chemichemi Community Church

The mid-morning service at Chemichemi Community Church, situated in a slum community 16km northeast of Nairobi’s heart, is a lively affair that typically lasts about three hours, with Rev Dickson Munyasya presiding.

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Prayer requests for Kenya

  • Pray that the nation of Kenya’s general election would proceed smoothly and peacefully; pray that sobriety would prevail and that everyone’s constitutional right would be upheld. Please pray that the new leaders and decision-makers will govern in the interests of the people, especially those who live in poverty and are vulnerable.
  • Please pray for communities and families affected by particularly heavy rains in the coastal and northern regions of Kenya, (including Mombasa and its surrounds) which caused rivers to swell and flood wide areas. Please pray that local churches will be able to care for their communities and that families will be supported to get back on their feet.
  • Please pray for Kache Thoya, an 80-year-old grandmother to Rajab Kesi, a sponsored child, as she grapples with life after the floods. Her daughter (Rajab’s mother) is in hospital after birth complications and she is the one left to care for the family amidst all the difficulties and deplorable living conditions. Pray for strength and support.
  • Pray for protection of all the Compassion beneficiaries who are teenagers for God’s guidance and for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in all the decisions they make. Pray that they will find strength to study hard and overcome peer pressure.