Unbearable—Fourteen and head of her household

At 14 Larpopo has already lost her childhood. Since her parents left, she cares for her four siblings, two of them have special needs. One day after she finished cooking breakfast something unbearable happened.

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Unimaginable—three orphaned sisters struggling to survive

When you’re only seven and living in poverty, life is hard. But when you then become an orphan, it’s unimaginable. Eyerus and Meseret’s elder sister Mekdes stepped in to look after them after their mother died. But how was a 16 year old meant to provide for them?

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150 million children live on the street


In Africa, 7 in 10 trafficking victims are children


Every 5 minutes a child is killed by violence


There are 4.5 million orphans in Ethiopia alone; 5% of their population



Unfathomable—abandoned while fighting for his life

Marlon is a fighter. He has already survived a horrific accident which left him with terrible burns. But that was only the beginning of what he had to face. It was what happened afterward that shattered his heart and threatened his future.

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Unthinkable—Nine and in child labour

Brayan has worked in child labour. He sold tortillas on the street to provide for his family. He was robbed by a man one day and escaped with his life. He’s desperate to go to school and be a kid. But his family need him on the street.

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The Unacceptable Appeal

Sources: WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, ILO, Duke Global Health Institute