Baby Essentials Kit
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Baby Essentials Kit


Give a vital gift to a brand-new mum. Hand-delivered with a hug by Compassion staff, the essentials kit for newborns is filled with the necessary supplies a mum needs to care for her bundle of joy.

This gift is a blessing to a mum and her brand-new little one. The days following the birth of a child are joyful and overwhelming, all at once. For a mum living in poverty, there’s the added anxiety of trying to provide for her child in tough circumstances. The Baby Essentials Kit provides a mum with practical supplies to help her meet her baby’s needs. It typically includes a blanket, soaps, lotions, towels, nappies and a baby toy. Plus, ongoing home visits from a Compassion staff member provides both mum and baby with love, encouragement and support.

For every $1 donated

80% goes to program

20% goes to administration