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Give today to help provide a lifeline to vulnerable children.

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All donations over $2 in Australia are tax deductible and go to the Where Most Needed fund.

Compassion Australia

No child should live in poverty

Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable.

That's why our Child Sponsorship Program exists. Because more powerful than poverty is the hope of Jesus, the care of a local church and the encouragement of you: a loving sponsor.

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Why Compassion?

Our Child Sponsorship Program doesn't just address children's physical needs, but the needs of their heart, mind and soul. Here's how we're different.

We love Jesus

Jesus is at the heart of what we do. Each of the 2 million children in our program has the chance to hear the life-changing message of Jesus' love. We believe Jesus is the ultimate source of hope: both for the immediate and the eternal.

We love children

Our Child Sponsorship Program meets the specific needs of each individual child. When you become a sponsor, you're personally connected with a boy or girl who will know your name and treasure the thought you care about them.

We love the Church

Our program is run entirely by local Christian churches in Africa, Asia, Central America and South America. Why? Local churches are experts on their community's needs. We equip them with resources and training to help them release children from poverty in Jesus' name.

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Make an eternal difference in the life of a child living in need. Your tax deductible giving from $48 per month connects a child in need with our loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program.

Sponsor a child


Your once-off or recurring gift to Where Most Needed or Critical Needs will help meet the urgent needs of children living in poverty. You can also shop Gifts of Compassion, our life-changing gift catalogue.

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Connect your church's mission activities with our Child Sponsorship Program. You'll join over 1200 Australian churches who are living out their faith by engaging with global missions through Compassion.

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Want to do more to help children living in poverty? Become a Compassion Advocate. Volunteer at events and help children find sponsors, fundraise in crazy ways, or use your talent to raise awareness.

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Approximately 80 per cent of your donations go directly to benefit the children in our programs. You'll know where your money is going: our financials are fully transparent.

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Find out why more than 80,000 Australians sponsor children through us.

Anna-Mei Tapia

"We believe sponsorship is helping our daughter to understand how privileged we are to live in Australia and how helping others should be a way of life."

Matt Steele

"Compassion is inspiring both in their professionalism and their heart. The work they do to help children in poverty (and their families) changes lives not just in the present but it also gives them hope for eternity."

Darlene Zschech

"My family and I are passionate about the work of Compassion and helping the poor. We have visited our sponsored children and it showed us the heartbreak of poverty and the hope brought through Compassion."


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