Australians prioritise disability care in Australia and the developing world


    In the wake of a new national disability insurance scheme in Australia, Compassion Australia’s appeal for children with special needs in the developing world has seen Australians give more than $1 million dollars in aid.

    Compassion Australia’s annual appeal raised more than $1 million dollars for children with special needs living in some of the poorest regions in the world.

    The funds raised will go towards providing critical care—like hearing aids, wheelchairs and speech therapy—to children with special needs in Compassion’s programs.

    CEO Tim Hanna comments: “Although Compassion Australia is well respected as one of Australia’s largest child sponsorship organisations, this appeal goes above and beyond sponsorship. It is caring for each child and meeting the unique challenges of those with special needs. Every child is special and should be given the attention they deserve”.

    It is estimated that approximately 1 billion people worldwide live with one or more physical, sensory (blindness/deafness), intellectual or mental health impairment. And around 80 per cent of people with special needs live in the developing world. Every child born into poverty is vulnerable. But for children born with a disability, the effects of poverty are compounded.

    Amy Lanham, Communications Manager of Compassion Australia, says: “Compassion Australia has been overwhelmed with the incredible support of Australians; it’s a life-changing result for these children, who often suffer in silence, as they endure marginalisation and vulnerability to various forms of abuse and exploitation. The timing of our appeal wasn’t planned to coincide with the new national disability insurance scheme, but it has been wonderful to see the overwhelming concern by Australians for those here in Australia with special needs, and beyond our shores”.

    Raising one million dollars from mid-May to the end of June is a record-breaking result for Compassion Australia. The last time Compassion Australia raised over one million dollars through their annual appeal was in 2010, following the tragic earthquake in Haiti. The 2010 appeal raised $1.2 million for emergency shelter and food supplies.

    Amy Lanham adds: “The earthquake in Haiti was such a public event and the money raised was incredible; but this appeal has proved how much Australians want to support children with disabilities. It’s a fantastic effort”.


    About Compassion Australia 
    Compassion is Australia’s second largest child sponsorship organisation and is part of a global network of both funding countries and 26 developing countries that is Compassion International. Together we are a Christian holistic child development and child advocacy ministry committed to working in partnership with local churches to foster the spiritual, economic, social, physical and emotional development of over 1.3 million children living in extreme poverty. Around 100,000 of these children are currently supported by over 73,000 Australian sponsors.  

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