10 Beautiful Portraits of Motherhood Around the World

Meet 10 mothers, sisters, aunties and grandmothers who prove love is the strongest force in the world.

12 May, 2017

10 Beautiful Portraits of Motherhood Around the World

"Love is the strongest force in the world."

-- Corrie Ten Boom

1. Doing the daily chores together, Ghana

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A mum helps her son balance a water container in Ghana. In many countries, the responsibility for collecting water largely falls to women and children.

2. Adiowav and Elizabeth, Togo

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“My greatest worry is how I can manage to raise my children, Emmanuel and Elizabeth, because I want them to become someone great tomorrow.”

-- Adiowav, Togo

3. Literacy lessons, Bolivia

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A mum in Bolivia takes notes as she participates in literacy lessons. Now she can teach her daughter, who watches on attentively, everything she learns.

4. A new generation of hope, Bangladesh

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In Bangladesh, Joshoda never learnt to read or write but she wants a different future for her daughters. She encourages them to study and work hard. Eldest daughter Rupali takes her advice seriously. “When I finish my homework at the project, I can spend more time to help my sister in her studies and aid my mother in the household chores," she says. Joshoda couldn't be prouder: "My daughters have been an overwhelming blessing in my life."

5. Dreams for the future, Togo

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“In five years, I hope to see my life completely changed. To have a business that’s going very well. One day, I dream of having a new home. My favourite part will be the bedroom, where me and my children will sleep. A pleace where I can go out, come home and open the door and nothing else matters. That’s where I want to see us in five years.”

-- Adankanou Hougdenkou and her twin daughters, Togo

6. Weaving for a better future, Uganda

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Mums in Uganda learn to weave baskets to sell, as their babies watch on.

7. Train a child up in the way they should go, Indonesia

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Praising God with the help of some tiny worship leaders in Indonesia.

8. Adakanou and her nephew, Togo

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“My little sister passed away just a few months after she had Bernardin. Her husband died just a few months later. All of a sudden, I had three kids. It’s really a blessing to see a child grow up, even if they’re not your own. I do miss my sister. When I think about the happy times we shared, I smile. One day, I will look at my nephew and tell him, ‘Your mother was awesome’.”

--Adakanou Aholoussi and her nephew Bernardin, Togo

9. Charlotte and Dede, Ghana

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“When I was pregnant, I didn’t have any hope. What I was told is when I deliver, people would just ignore me because I was young and I was giving birth." Charlotte was 13 when she delivered baby Dede." With the support of the Child Survival Program, she has begun to dream again. “When I look into the future, I see that my daughter will grow into a very useful adult who will complete her schooling.”

-- Charlotte and baby Dede, Ghana

10. Proud grandma, Togo

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“I cannot tell you the things this girl has done for me.”

--- Dermane Mariame and her granddaughter Dzoko Gracia, Togo

You can come alongside a mum living in poverty by sponsoring a child.

By Zoe Noakes

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