With school holidays in full swing and a lot of extra time on their hands, your kids might be getting a little bit of cabin fever. We’ve got you covered with some great craft ideas that will keep your little ones occupied, with the bonus that you can send them to your sponsored child!

We are quite often asked by our wonderful supporters what gifts they can give to their sponsored children. While there are a number of monetary gifts you can give, some limits apply to the physical gifts we can send.

Unfortunately we can't send overseas parcels because of possible theft, high custom charges for our country offices, and postage costs. Because of this, we can't deliver balloons, magnets, ribbons, teddy bears, dolls, sporting goods, books or anything made of metal or fabric.

What we can deliver is anything flat, up to an A4 size and up to 6mm in thickness, made of paper or cardboard, such as postcards, bookmarks and photos.

So, if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied, and wondering what you could send your sponsored child, look no further! Here’s three craft activities that can be fun for kids, big and small:

1. Create an epic artwork

I don’t know about you, but I love it when my sponsored children send me pictures they have drawn with their letters. School holidays is the perfect time to return the favour. But don’t stop there. Your kids might want to draw a series of pictures, create a paper doll chain or make a collage with different coloured pieces of paper. Their imagination is the limit!

2. Not an artist? You don’t have to be to colour in

On our Craft Pinterest Board we have a variety of free downloadable colouring-in pages with everything from the nativity scene, to the solar system, to Easter, and your favourite animals!

3. Release your inner animal

Get creative and turn your hand print into an animal! All you need is different coloured non-toxic acrylic paint and then have each member of your family make a handprint, turn it into an animal, and send it to your sponsored child along with your letter. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

These are just a few ideas of the kinds of fun things you can send to your sponsored child that will also help to keep your kids occupied through the holidays.

Just make sure you write your Compassion sponsored child’s number on any paper or cardboard item you send, and we’ll be sure it gets to them.

Are you an avid pinner? We have heaps of craft ideas of things you can send to your sponsored child on our Craft Pinterest Board.

Words by Monique Wallace Photo by Sean Sheridan