It’s that exciting time of year again: time to write a Christmas message to your sponsored child! Before the panic sets in over what to say, here are three helpful suggestions on what to include in your Christmas letter.

It comes around each year so quickly, and now the time has come once again to write a beautiful Christmas letter to your sponsored child. But before the panic sets in over how to make this your most meaningful letter yet, here are three helpful suggestions:

1. Christmas selfie time!

How to Write a Great Christmas Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Perhaps you haven’t sent in a photo of yourself before, or maybe your family has grown since the last one you sent. Regardless, it’s time to send an updated family photo: and why not feature your sponsored child’s photo, too! They’ll feel included and part of the family.

Attach a selfie of you and your family holding a picture of your sponsored child. You could even dress festively. It’s time to get out the Christmas hats!

Tell your sponsored child they are part of your family, and why you love being able to sponsor them.

For example: We hope that you like our family Christmas photo. We are excited to have you in the picture with us this year! As you can see, Johnny is taller and David is starting to get grey hair!

2. Tell your sponsored child why you love Christmas

How to Write a Great Christmas Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, where we reflect on the miraculous birth of our Saviour. Let your sponsored child know what you enjoy doing for Christmas and why. Explain how Christmas is celebrated in your country and ask what they do for Christmas. They will feel more connected to you and get excited to celebrate Christmas, too!

For example: On Christmas Day, I attend church with my family and then we spend the afternoon at the beach. I love taking time to enjoy God’s creation on the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Our Christmas lunch is a big barbeque with lots of different salads. How does your family celebrate Christmas?

3. Be real about your year

How to Write a Great Christmas Letter to Your Sponsored Child

Was this a hard year? Was it the best year of your life? Tell them what your year was like and use it as a way to encourage your sponsored child for the year ahead. Let them know that you’ll be praying for them over this next year, and that you’d love it if they could pray for you too.

Example 1: This year was very difficult for us, and so we had to trust in God. I pray that as you go through life, that you will always trust and turn to God in prayer.

Example 2: This year has been such a great year for our family. We pray that during this next year you and your family are truly blessed.

Thank you for writing to your sponsored child this Christmas. Your message reminds your sponsored child they are loved and cared for—and the cards often become treasured possessions kept for many years.

Please write online or mail back your Christmas letters by 15 October.

Words by Ellyse McCallum; photos by Alexander Whittle