4 Myths About Compassion Sunday

Compassion Sunday is a terrifically easy way to change the lives of children living in poverty. But there’s some sneaky myths that suggest otherwise. We’ve gone mythbuster on these notions, and have taken great satisfaction in disproving every last one.

09 Feb, 2016

4 Myths About Compassion Sunday

Myth #1: I’d have to public speak (and I’d rather eat my toenails).

If you’re a little more on the introverted side and don’t like having to stand up and speak in front of a crowd, no problem! You can let the video we provide you with do the talking, no vocal exercises required. How easy is that?


Myth #2: It looks like too much work.

You like the idea of Compassion Sunday, but worry you don’t have the time to pull something great together. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back! When you sign up to host a Compassion Sunday, we will provide you with everything you need. You won’t be spending a long time making posters or figuring out what to say in your presentation. We do the hard work for you! Talk about being handed things on a silver platter—or in a box in the mail if we’re being accurate.


Myth #3: It would take too much time away from the church service.

It’s a common misconception that Compassion Sunday needs to be an ‘event’ or an entire church service. It can be a five minute presentation or the focus of the whole service. It could be as simple as playing the video and then moving on to something else. It’s completely flexible and 100 per cent up to you.


Myth #4: The event has to be held on the official Compassion Sunday date.

While Compassion Sunday is officially on 7 August 2016, the date is flexible—we’d love churches to speak up for children all year round! Feel free to hold your event on any date from February 2016 onwards.


What are you waiting for? Sign up and register your Compassion Sunday event today! This way, we can send you resources and everything you need to make the day a success.

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