7 Ways To Share Gifts of Compassion

For the person who has everything, a Gift of Compassion is the perfect Christmas gift, especially because it also benefits a child living in poverty. We’ve compiled seven ways to share Gifts of Compassion with your friends while getting into the Christmas spirit at the same time!

27 Oct, 2015

7 Ways To Share Gifts of Compassion

1. Host a Christmas bake sale

Baking is at its finest at Christmas time with white Christmas, Christmas bark (of the chocolate variety, not the tree variety), rocky road, coconut ice, gingerbread, Christmas pudding—the possibilities are endless! Get together with friends and family to make these tasty treats for a bake sale at your church or workplace and buy some Gifts of Compassion with the proceeds. You’ll receive a fun card for each gift you purchase; a special reminder of the impact of your bake sale. Don’t forget to print some Gifts of Compassion catalogues for the table to give people ideas for the perfect stocking filler.

2. Christmas movie night

Host a Christmas movie night and make a difference to the lives of children living in poverty at the same time. Have a gold coin entrance fee with snacks available for purchase on the night (hot chocolates with candy-cane straws are a must!). Perhaps set the target of purchasing a Cow—it will make for a marvellous moo-vie night!

3. Have a giggle with Colin Buchanan

Compassion Ambassador Colin Buchanan knows the difference a good gift makes, which is why he’s so passionate about Gifts of Compassion! We’ve got our favourite Colin videos to help you spread the word of the best gift for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life. Share the videos on social media or play them during announcement time at your church. Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to have a laugh.

4. Host a Christmas party

Are you known for your annual Christmas party? If not, now’s the time to start party planning! Fill your home with delicious food and Christmas cheer—and take the opportunity to share with your loved ones about Gifts of Compassion. For those wanting to bring a gift, request that they purchase a Gift of Compassion instead. If you’re worried about them spending too much money, we’ve got a range of gifts available for under $30.

5. Organise a Christmas raffle

Create the ultimate Christmas hamper. Ask local businesses to donate items that would be appropriate and ask friends and family if they have anything to contribute. Sell raffle tickets for the hamper and tell people all proceeds will go to Gifts of Compassion—you could even send the winner the Gifts of Compassion card you buy! It just might give them the idea to purchase their own Gift of Compassion for Christmas gifts.

6. Secret Gift Swap

It’s coming up to that time in your office, friendship group and family, where discussion on Christmas gifts starts happening. It’s much easier buying for one person instead of multiple people—why not consider giving a Gift of Compassion with a Secret Gift Swap? If you want to do more than that, our next and final suggestion will come in handy.

7. Get creative with pairing gifts

If people seem wary of giving a Gift of Compassion this Christmas without a physical gift, why not suggest pairing a Gift of Compassion with something else? For that aspiring master chef in their life, Veggie Seeds would make for the perfect gift when paired with a windowsill herb garden or fresh produce from the local famer’s market. Alongside a novel, Books would be a great accompanying Gift of Compassion. How about egg cups teamed with Chickens? Or if they’re feeling particularly cheeky, they can pair toothpaste with a Gifts of Compassion Toothbrush, keeping the cavities away is the ultimate Christmas gift.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to sharing Gifts of Compassion this Christmas, so get started!

Buy a Gift of Compassion to make a difference to the lives of children living in poverty.

Words by Monique Wallace

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