Father’s Day was earlier this month, so there’s no better time to celebrate one of God’s greatest gifts—a dad who loves, protects, inspires and provides.

Meet eight sponsored children from Ghana who know exactly why their dads are the best ... and were keen to share with you!

Emmanuella, 12, and her dad, Jacob:

Emmanuella-and-Jacob “I love my daddy because he is like a story box! He has a lot of stories to tell us on every subject. He is never angry. When he’s home, he makes us laugh a lot—there’s always so much fun and joy around my daddy.”

Gabriel, 7, and his dad, William:

Gabriel-and-William “I love my dad because he loves me too!”

James, 14, and his dad, Timothy:

James-and-Timothy 2 “I love my dad because he loves soccer just like I do and he doesn’t stop to consider how tired he is from work—he always finds the interest to play a two-man game with me. My dad is my best friend.”

Harrison, 8, and his dad, Mike:

Harrison-and-Mike “I love my father because he takes me on his motor bike to school, and, when I finish my classes, he comes again to take me home. And all the other children at school like me because my daddy has a motor bike!”

Cynthia, 8, and her dad, Kwabena:

Cynthia-and-Kwabena “I love my father because he is the person who makes me very happy at home. When I’m hungry and food is not ready, he gives me money to buy sugar and a small sachet of powdered milk to mix with gari and water.”

Ishmael, 6, and his dad, Kofi:

Ishmael-and-Kofi “I love my daddy because he is my father! He takes care of me and buys nice things for me. He also plays with me when he is very happy—and carries me on his shoulders.”

Provascovia, 5, and her dad, Issaka:

Provascovia-and-Issaka “I love my father because sometimes he gives me money to buy toffees and cookies!”

Felix, 7, and his dad, Isaac:

Felix-and-Isaac “I love my daddy because he takes care of me and gives me money to go to school.”

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Interviews and photos by Vera Mensah-Bediako