A Heart Made Whole: Update on Bintang

This year, we shared the story of seven-year-old Bintang who had a serious heart condition that required urgent surgery. Together with our generous supporters, we raised more than $20,500 to cover the costs of Bintang’s surgery. Today, on her eighth birthday, we’re excited to share Bintang’s recovery.

05 Aug, 2015

A Heart Made Whole: Update on Bintang

We put out the call and our generous supporters responded, giving more than $20,500. Upon learning the cost of their daughter’s surgery was covered, Bintang’s parents Olga and Steven were overwhelmed.

“I can’t believe there is another person who will help our daughter,” says Steven.

Bintang and her parents flew to Jakarta where a team of four doctors oversaw her medical care. Doctor’s met with Bintang, Olga, Steven and a Compassion staff member from Bintang’s child development centre to prepare them for what the surgery would involve.

Finally, everything was in place. But moments before her surgery, Bintang asked for five minutes to pray.

“I wasn’t scared because I knew I would recover after the surgery,” says Bintang. “I prayed to the Lord and said ‘Lord Jesus, help to heal me’.”

The surgery, which was scheduled to last for six hours, was finished in just three and a half hours. Doctors declared it a complete success! Eleven days after the surgery, Bintang and her parents returned home to Manado.

Seven months after the surgery, Bintang has completely recovered and returned to school. For the first time in her life, she can run, jump and play like all the other little girls her age. Her condition has returned to normal and she no longer experiences the pain or tiredness she previously felt. Bintang is so happy to be able to run and play—and even celebrate her eighth birthday with her friends!

“We give thanks to Jesus for giving Bintang a chance to recover from her illness through the Australian donors,” says Steven with tears in his eyes. “We pray that the Lord blesses each donor because of their kindness.”

Thank you for giving so generously to make a difference in Bintang’s life!

To support children just like Bintang when they require urgent medical treatment, why not consider giving to our Health Critical Need? Through generous supporters, the Health Critical Need covers expenses when unforeseen circumstances in a child’s life arise such as accidents, disease or the need for surgery. It means children in Compassion’s programs can receive the specific care and treatment they need to remain healthy.

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