In episode three of the Compassion Stories podcast, Daniel Hagen of the Awakening Band shares about his dramatic testimony, the practice of letting go of past habits, and growing through challenge.

Compassion Stories Podcast Episode 1: An Honest Talk with Dami Im

Welcome to Compassion Stories, a podcast that brings you inspiring, authentic stories of transformation from Christian thought-leaders, creatives and trailblazers.

Hosted by Michael Cauchi, the heart behind the podcast is to spark hope and change in the lives of listeners. Launching on 22 October, new episodes are released weekly on Tuesdays.

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Daniel Hagen

What You’ll Hear in Episode Three

“God, if you’re real, I don’t want someone to talk me into it. I want to experience you.” – Daniel Hagen

In our third episode, Michael and Daniel discuss:

• How Daniel met Jesus and was saved out of the fake life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll”

• The challenges of letting go of old habits and embracing positive change

• How to keep your eyes on Jesus in times of great challenge


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Daniel is an Australian musician and global speaker with a sold-out passion to make Jesus famous. In the early 2000s, he was a singer-songwriter with Australian band The Hollow. He is the lead singer of the Awakening Band, leading worship at Awakening Europe and Awakening Australia events, and the Associate Director of Awakening Australia.


Producer, actor, media man. In four years as Compassion Australia’s Media and PR Specialist, Michael has seen countless lives changed, across Australia and around the developing world—and won the Compassion in-house breakdancing competition four years in a row. Above all, he believes in God’s power to redeem even the darkest situations, and he loves to share stories of a hope more powerful than poverty.