This episode Jonathan Almonte —a former Compassion sponsored child —shares his story of growing up on the streets in a crime-ridden ghetto in Santo Domingo.

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Welcome to Compassion Stories, a podcast that brings you inspiring, authentic stories of transformation from Christian thought-leaders, creatives and trailblazers.

Hosted by Michael Cauchi, the heart behind the podcast is to spark hope and change in the lives of listeners. Launching on Tuesday 22 October, new episodes are released weekly.

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What You’ll Hear in Episode 4

“It’s not the end, God has a great plan for you. Life is hard, but God is stronger.”

This episode Jonathan Almonte—a former compassion sponsored child—shares his story of growing up on the streets in a crime-ridden ghetto in Santo Domingo. Amongst a life surrounded by drugs, prostitution and no father—Jonathan lets us into his journey to forgiveness and restoration. Now being a father, husband, community leader his story is unique and powerful.

Jonathan and Michael discuss:

  • Growing up without a birth certificate/identity
  • Growing up in extreme poverty
  • Forgiveness – his father abandoned Jonathan as a little baby
  • Working with young people in his community
  • Finding and keeping your peace in life


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Jonathan Almonte is a former Compassion sponsored child, who is passionate about empowering the next generation and bringing hope to the hopeless. Jonathan is the founder of Doulos LSA which works with 65 churches in effective youth ministry strategies and trained more than 1,700 young people. He is a husband and a father who enjoys every opportunity to speak about God’s mission for the poor, passion for children and purpose for His people.


Producer, actor, media man. In four years as Compassion Australia’s Media and PR Specialist, Michael has seen countless lives changed, across Australia and around the developing world—and won the Compassion in-house breakdancing competition four years in a row. Above all, he believes in God’s power to redeem even the darkest situations, and he loves to share stories of a hope more powerful than poverty.