The Impact of a Gift

How the gift of a piglet helped families across Rwanda.

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Fabien, a Compassion assisted child from Rwanda, loves the piglets his family received through Gifts of Compassion.

Gifts of Compassion piglets have been a welcome addition to the families of 4234 Compassion assisted children living in northern Rwanda. Each family received a piglet from their local Compassion child development centre and were trained in how to raise them.

Families are delighted to own an animal because crop farming is difficult in the cool climate and poor soil. The manure from livestock is a good source of nutrients for the soil and can generate income when crops are low.

Parents have formed cell groups that meet each week to learn from one another and work on a savings plan that every parent contributes to and benefits from.

Pigs are seen as a desirable animal because they are easy and inexpensive to keep and turn a profit quickly. They eat anything, are easy and quick to breed with a gestation period of only 114 days, and have large litters of six to eight piglets.

“Apart from some schools in the district, very few people had pigs. As people share the pigs’ manure with their neighbours, they develop relationships and are able to invite people to church,” says Musabe Speciose, a director from one of the benefitting centres.

“I cannot wait for the piglet to grow, reproduce and make us all healthy,” says Fabien, a Compassion assisted child.


Want to give the gift that gives this Christmas? Through Gifts of Compassion, you can give children and their families across Asia, Africa and South America their very own pig, chicken, goat or cow!

Words by Rosette Mutoni and Monique Wallace

Photo by Rosette Mutoni

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