Dropit: It's That Simple

Sometimes we take for granted the variety of choice we have when it comes to a refreshing beverage and often forgo water as a contender. The ease at which we are able to access clean and safe sources of drinking water can make us forget that our friends in the developing world don’t have this same luxury. MICI Magazine is determined to help change this.

19 Mar, 2015

Dropit: It's That Simple

The challenge? DropIT.

The mission? Drink only water between 22 and 29 March.

The target? 100 Sawyer water filters through Compassion Australia for families living in poverty.

Long-time friends and supporters of Compassion Australia, MICI Magazine, are setting out to raise awareness of the struggle millions of children face in accessing clean and safe water. Their DropIT challenge launches on World Water Day 2015, and the idea behind it is simple: give up every other drink besides water—including tea, coffee, milk, cordial, juice or soft-drink—for seven days. Get your friends and family to sponsor you in this challenge and raise money to provide water filters for Compassion assisted children and their families.

“I think we take for granted that we can go and make ourselves a cup of tea or coffee,” says Founder of MICI Magazine, Janelle Knox.

“We have access to so many other alternatives that families in developing countries are desperate for the choice of. If we come back to water as our one and only life source for one week, we can raise awareness and much needed funds for the issue of water.”

While the issue of water affects everyone, on average women and girls in developing countries spend 25 per cent of their day collecting water.

In the 26 developing countries where Compassion works, local staff are uniquely placed to know the needs of the children they serve. Providing these children with water filters to turn contaminated sources of water into clean drinking sources is just one aspect of holistic child development.

Compassion’s ability to connect with children individually is a large part of what appeals to Janelle and the rest of the MICI team.

“My heart connects with Compassion because every girl deserves the opportunity to be who she’s created to be and that includes access to safe, clean drinking water and encouragement and empowerment to live the life she was created to live which is not one of poverty,” says Janelle.

For as little as $75, we have the opportunity to provide a family living in poverty with a water filter that will provide them with clean water for decades. For many of us, it’s not a large sacrifice to make.

“One of the things that really struck me was when I heard these water filters were only $75 and that would provide clean water for decades, I couldn’t believe it was that simple,” says Janelle.

“We often make it a big deal in our heads that we have to go in with major equipment and put in a water well and that it will be sustainable for generations. But these water filters are a game changer. A small sacrifice for us can actually bring life-saving change for one family living in a developing nation.”

To join in the DropIT challenge and make a lasting difference to the lives of children living in poverty, visit www.dropit.org.au and join the fun!

This content was correct at the time of publishing. Compassion closed its programs in India on 15 March 2017 and no longer works in that nation.

Words by Monique Wallace SOURCE: WaterAid

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