Fathers' Day Gift Ideas That Do Good

25 Aug, 2016

Fathers' Day Gift Ideas That Do Good

Ever find yourself having the following conversation?

“What do you want for Fathers’ Day, Dad?”

“A jet ski/A holiday/Nothing!”

Not super helpful.

Luckily, here are some top gift ideas for dad that will do a whole heap of good for kids living in poverty. We’ve even included some punny, dad-approved captions for the card!

“Hey dad, you’re helping malaria to buzz off!”

Mosquito nets, $15

Mosquito nets save lives. Your gift means dad can protect children from deadly malaria by giving families insecticide-treated nets to sleep under.

Give dad a mozzie net.

1604UG Malaria 218 BLOG-(1)

“You’re such an eggcellent dad.”

Chicken, $18

A chicken gives a family a source of income and a supply of eggs to eat. Your dad will boost a family’s financial situation, and their pantry!

Get dad a chook.

RW-GiftCatalogue-7-1604-(002) BLOG

“Dad, here’s a kid—from your kid!”

Goat, $45

Gift a goat and your dad will provide a struggling family with nutritious food, extra income, and a source of milk for their growing children.

We’re not kidding. Bless dad with a goat!

RW-GiftCatalogue-15-1604-(002) BLOG

“Guess water, dad? Your gift is changing children’s lives!”

Clean water, $75

With this gift, your dad can be the solution to one of the most urgent needs in the developing world: access to safe water.

Water you waiting for? Give your father some H20.

2014-Mbarara -Uganda-Water-Related-Imagery-Shoot- 12 BLOG

... From all of us at Compassion, Happy Fathers’ Day!

P.S. Make sure you place your order by Tuesday 30 August so we can send your cards to you in time for dad’s big day!

Words by Zoe Noakes Photos by Silas Irungu, Isaac Ogila, Chuck Bigger, Ryan Johnson, Helen Manson

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