2021 has been a year of incredible impact. Compassion Australia CEO Clare Steele highlights how you and our local church partners have helped to release children from poverty in the 2021 financial year.

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Read our 2021 Annual Impact Report.

From Our CEO: Your 2021 Impact

This year, I write with such thankfulness for the way you have responded to the pandemic, providing critical support to more children living in poverty than ever before. 

Across the world, we have seen people moved to love their neighbours in so many different ways. 

In Australia, many of you continued to give even through financial stress, while others raised awareness by sharing the impact of COVID-19 on children living in poverty. Overseas, our local church partners have distributed over:

  • 10 million food packs
  • 7 million hygiene kits
  • 1.5 million medical treatments

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I also want to take the opportunity to thank the Compassion Australia team. In a year of great change, both internally and externally, they have remained focused on the vision and developed deeper ways to partner with you in our shared mission. Likewise, the Compassion Australia Board have continued to provide important strategic and governance oversight and have been great supporters of our team.

In a year when the extreme poverty rate rose for the first time in 20 years, it is wonderful to be able to send over 82% of our income to the program.

At Compassion, we are deeply committed to the wise stewardship of your generous donations. To read more about how your gifts are used and the impact they have, you can view our 2021 Annual Impact Report.

Together, we have been part of loving our neighbours around the world and bringing hope to children when poverty tells them nothing will ever change.

Neighbours coming together can make a real difference, just like it has for 12-year-old Rujira.

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Growing up in poverty in Indonesia, Rujira has said more goodbyes in her lifetime than most. Her mother died from cancer when she was a baby and her father was rarely involved in her life. Instead, it was her grandparents who stepped in to care for her. 

After her grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, Khumtieng, Rujira's grandmother, heard the local Compassion child development centre was registering children. In a community of good neighbours, the local staff were aware of Rujira's situation and immediately registered her in the program. 

"I'm very grateful that Rujira is in the sponsorship program. She seems to smile more and has some close friends,” says Khumtieng. “And anytime when we are struggling, the project staff always visit us and help us to get through hard times.” 

When Khumtieng also became ill, the centre staff continued to support Rujira, both physically and emotionally.

"I don't feel I'm alone because the project staff always come visit and, sometimes, they brought us food and gifts from my sponsor for me," says Rujira. 

Rujira's story is just one way that our global neighbourhood has shown love in action. You can read more stories like Rujira's in our 2021 Annual Impact Report

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From individual children to families and communities, your support has continued to go further. Through Compassion Australia, you have helped to:

  • Provide holistic care for over 126,000 sponsored children living in poverty
  • Restore hope to over 40,000 children in the aftermath of natural disasters
  • Care for over 1,100 vulnerable babies
  • Support over 129,000 children, their families and their communities through Critical Needs projects like clean water, safe homes, new classrooms and more

These are just a few brief examples of how you've put love in action for children living in poverty. To read more, you can learn more about your impact in our 2021 Annual Impact Report and share it with your friends.

Thank you so much for your ongoing and faithful support.

Together, we are a global neighbourhood that can bring hope and change in the lives of children—each one uniquely made and loved by God. 

Clare Steele, Compassion Australia CEO

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