Back by popular demand, here’s part two of the funniest things children have said in their letters. Sometimes things get a little lost in translation…

1. "I pray that you have long lips."

2. "I like to play with dolls. Do you have a camel?"

3. "Do you eat pork? My pig is getting fat!"

4. "I like to climb my house’s roof to fly kites but my grandma doesn’t let me do that."

5. "Please pray for my mother to have more strength and energy so she can sell her stinking fish."

6. "May God bless your fish."

funny things kids say

7. "I send you a bear hug with the tenderness of a monkey."

8. "Thanks for the birthday gift. I bought a chicken and ate the rest."

9. "I would like to give you one of my rabbits, but I know that I cannot."

10. "Do you believe in mermaids?"

11. "I am very sad that my chicken has sadly just died. We will be attending her funeral on Friday."

12. "I say goodbye with the strong hug of a bear."

funny things kids say

13. "Aren’t you afraid to have an alligator for a pet?" (Her sponsor sent her a photo of her pet turtles.)

14. "Do you know how to draw a pineapple?"

15. "Hello, I am Ulrich. I am eight years old and I like eating beans."

16. "Please pray for my brother so he will be an intelligent boy."

17. "I hope you are well, as well as your parents, corgi and other people."

funny things kids say

And our favourite...

18. "May God bless you very much for your strange, generous heart!"

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Write a letter to your sponsored child, maybe you’ll get one of these gems!

Inspired by this post on the Compassion International blog.

By Zoe Noakes