Meet Doegreegor, Mother of Suchat, Thailand.

It’s a parent’s dream to be able to provide for their child; to raise them healthy and happy with all the opportunities in the world ahead of them. For Doe-greegor, this dream was impeded by the devastating impact of poverty.

Doe-greegor is a migrant worker and the mother of 10-year-old Suchat, who is registered with Compassion’s program in Thailand. A year ago, their family received assistance from Compassion to start a pig farm from two piglets. But this glimmer of hope was short-lived when Suchat’s brother passed away from diabetes.

"When we found Suchat's brother had diabetes, we sold everything we had. It felt impossible for us to start all over again after his passing," says Doe-greegor. "I remembered thinking about taking out a loan to start the pig farm again, but I knew I would not be able to pay it back on time."

Piglets Multiplying 1

In Doe-greegor’s community of Ban Huey Nam Khun, there are groups of illegal loan merchants who prey off those facing extreme circumstances. These creditors offer them the opportunity to pay off loans over a long period of time, but at extremely high interest rates that trap them in the cycle of poverty.

"I couldn't do it," says Doe-greegor. "I knew that I wouldn't have been able to repay my debt. I would be putting my children's lives at risk if I had taken the loan."

Compassion’s local church partner intervened, offering the family support through Huey Nam Khun Child Development Centre in Thailand.

"We understand the children's parents wanting to sustain their own income, but poverty drags them down," says Kasin, director of Huey Nam Khun Child Development Centre. "They aren't able to start because of their low income, and their skills are limited. We are very concerned with helping these families stand on their own feet. We have set up a career development fund to provide this opportunity for them."

Doe-greegor received the equivalent of A$220, with the conditions of the loan based on grace and mercy. She can repay it in small portions when her pig farm is stable and providing her with a decent income.

The family was finally able to start again and purchased two piglets for their pig farm. As a result of COVID-19 impacting the community, Doe-greegor had to sell one of her pigs to feed the other. But thankfully, her piglets multiplied to seven in total—a very welcomed blessing! She has since sold five and kept two.

Piglets Multiplying

The money that Doe-greegor earned from the piglets is now helping her repay her debt while also supporting her family during the pandemic.

"Without Compassion, I can't imagine what life would be like right now. Suchat would not be able to go to school and be a healthy boy,” says Doe-greegor.

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