This International Women’s Day (8 March), we want to shine a light on equality, inspire and encourage women in our ministry and come together as a sisterhood to advocate for children in poverty.

How to be an IWD Ambassador for Compassion

We want to empower you as a strong woman of God to help advocate for children in poverty. Here are a few ways you can lend your voice to Compassion:

Share our interactive Social Media Video

Post the animation on your Instagram, tag @compassionAU and encourage others to screenshot and share their results along with the hashtag #compassionIWD.

Insta video

Tip for iPhones: If you can't download straight to your phone, try saving it to your 'Files' folder first.

Host a gathering

Organise a gathering with your leading ladies and invite them to help support children in poverty.

advocate flyer

We've also got an inspirational video you can share at your event—the story of a middle-class Malaysian-Australian mother from Perth meeting a fellow mum of two from East Indonesia.

A pack that makes a difference!

IWD Pack

We hope you love your pack for International Women’s Day! Here’s how you can use it to inspire other women while raising awareness of children living in poverty:

IWD Cards:

IWD Ambassador card – If you’ve chosen to advocate for Compassion this International Women’s Day, you can display this card with pride in your workplace or home—wherever others might see it so they can witness your support of the ministry and be invited to change the life of a child through sponsorship.

IWD Ambassador Card

“I am” card – Write the strengths that God has gifted you and use them to empower you with each new day. Stick this card on your fridge, your bathroom mirror or your noticeboard—anywhere that will serve as your daily reminder in your walk with God.

“You are” cards – Gift these cards to women who you want to encourage this International Women’s Day. Celebrate the strengths they have as a woman of God and list them here to bring them to light.

The inspiring story of Talash

International Women’s Day 2020 is themed with equality—a value that we’re all too familiar with striving for here at Compassion.

This struggle is seen in the life of sixteen-year-old Talash, who wants to become a teacher and dreams of a day when girls have equal access to education. In her Kenyan community, many girls are not given the chance to study. Talash was given an opportunity to shine because the door to a good education was unlocked for her through her sponsorship.

“For me to have purpose means to set a goal and work hard towards achieving that goal. I have seen that if a girl is strong, she can be a good role model,” says Talash.

“I know that here and all over the world boys and girls do not have equal access to education. In the future I would like to see girls growing up in good environments, because to me, a perfect world is a world where children’s rights are adhered to. There would be no corruption and people would live in peace with each other."


You can support young girls like Talash this International Women's Day through sponsorship. Head to to either sponsor a girl yourself or encourage a friend to change a life through Compassion.