10 Tastes of Compassion

Summer is the perfect time of year to hang out with friends and family, enjoy the warm weather and eat good food. Turn your gathering into a Taste of Compassion event and you can help children living in poverty too!

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10 Ways to Host a Taste of Compassion Event

By hosting a Taste of Compassion event, you can inspire your family and friends about Compassion’s work while enjoying yummy food and good company. All you need to do is decide what type of event you would like to host, gather your family and friends and share your journey as a Compassion sponsor.

When planning your Taste of Compassion event, the sky’s the limit! To help you get started, we have 10 fun event ideas for inspiration.

1. Pop-up picnic

Invite your guests to a picnic in a surprise location. Send them all the details, including the time, date and dress-code—but don’t tell them the location until a few hours before! When it comes to the location, think outside the box: a picnic in your backyard, on your building’s rooftop or at the beach.

2. Culturally themed dinner party

Decorate your venue to reflect your cultural theme, serve authentic cuisine and ask your guests to wear traditional dress. Check out some mouth-watering recipes from India, Ethiopia and Dominican Republic in our event planning guide at the bottom of this blog (see pages 6-17). You can choose one of these countries, your sponsored child’s country, or any other country where Compassion works.

3. Black-tie canap├ęs

Think black suits, soft jazz and plates of tiny sushi rolls. A classy black-tie dinner or afternoon tea is a great way to have some fun, mingle with friends and family and share more about your heart for Compassion’s ministry.

4. Afternoon tea party

Channel your inner Mad Hatter and host a tea party on a long, cloth-covered table, piled high with little sandwiches and sweets, tea cups and bunches of colourful flowers.

5. Progressive dinner

Get together with three or more friends and organise a dinner that moves from one house to the next: entrees at Sally’s, dinner at Tom’s, dessert at Rachel’s and finishing with coffee at Elisa’s.

6. Games night

Run a games night, complete with Trivial Pursuit, Cranium and Pictionary, or a traditional game from your focus country. Use trivia questions about the country your sponsored child is from for some conversation starters about Compassion.

7. Authentic cooking class

Appeal to your foodie friends by inviting them to an authentic cooking class, either at your house, or through one of the many cooking class companies around Australia. While perfecting a traditional Indian curry, chat with your guests about India’s amazing culture, history and the challenges children living in poverty face every day.

8. Dessert night

Embrace your sweet tooth and host a dessert night. Amidst bites of ice-cream sundaes, apple pie and custard, talk to your friends about your experiences of sponsoring a child with Compassion. Show them drawings or letters from your sponsored child, and let them know that by sponsoring a child, they can be part of why Compassion child sponsorship works, just as you are.

9. Backyard BBQ

Host a traditional Aussie BBQ with a twist, by cooking a mix of Australian favourites—sausages, chicken kebabs and steak—with a side of authentic cuisine from a country of your choice. What better way to spend a summer evening with friends?

10. Food and fun

Barefoot bowls anyone? For those friends who love to socialise over a fun activity, host your Taste of Compassion event at a bowling club, a mini golf course or even your local swimming pool. Laser tag, 10 pin bowling, Frisbee in the park—the possibilities are endless! When you stop to eat between cooling off in the pool or a round of mini golf, chat about your sponsored child’s favourite activities and what life is like for them.

Whatever event you choose to host, we’re here to help. Download our event planning guide for recipes, country facts, stories from sponsored children and all the information you’ll need to answer questions from your guests.

Don’t forget to let us know about your event by posting feedback, photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #TasteOfCompassion or by sending us an email.


Words by Jacqui Henderson and Amy Millar
Photo by Vera Mensah-Bediako

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