The Things Kids Say: Part One

The kids in Compassion’s program are just like kids here in Australia: they’re cheeky, funny and have great imaginations! A Compassion staff member in Brazil sat down with three Compassion assisted children and asked them a couple of questions. First up was four-year-old Yasmin.

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An interview with a four year old

Who are your best friends?

My best friends? Do you know my family? I want to talk about my family. My father’s name is Carlos, my mum’s name is Renata and my little brother is Carlos Silva. He is very naughty. He wants to bite me all the time.

How old is your brother?

I don’t know. I’m big and he is small.

Who are your best friends?

Vitoria, and also Emily, Natã and João Henrique. I’m not friends with Victor, because he teases me. He is always saying he will tell my mother the things I do against him!

What do you do against him?

I start to tease him and then he threatens me: “I’ll tell your mother what you are doing!”

What do you like the most here at the centre?

I like to play hide-and-seek, and catch one, catch all. I like several games!

What do you learn here at the centre?

I learn music and stories.

What do you like most about school?

I like to learn new things. I like to learn how do to my homework.

Do you write to your sponsor?

I don’t know how to write yet. I draw for him.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I want to be a doctor to take care of my father when he is ill. And then I will be able to work in the hospital every day.

What are you afraid of?

I’m afraid of monsters.

Have you ever seen a monster?

Yes, in my dreams.

What was he like?

He was enormous!

What colour was he?

Light green.

And did he try to catch you?

All the time. He looked for me everywhere and I ran and ran! He did not see which way I fled.

Anything else you are afraid of?

Bats. I saw a lot of bats at my grandmother’s home. I’m afraid when they are close to me, but I’m not afraid when they are far from me. I’m afraid of despicable bats, but I’m not afraid of nice bats.

I’m also afraid of dinosaurs with sharp teeth. They bite hard and they bite each other.

Have you seen any dinosaurs?

Only in the movies. I watched two dinosaurs with sharp teeth fighting, one was green and the other was yellow. Actually I was not afraid. It was only a movie.

Words by Ana Rafaela and Amy Millar
Photo by Ana Rafaela

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