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Through child sponsorship, over one million children have been educated, cared for and released from poverty in Jesus’ name. These sponsored children go on to become adults making a difference in their communities as mums, dads, pastors, teachers, doctors, even members of parliament.

The impact of sponsorship goes beyond the sponsored child. Meet some inspiring current and former sponsored children who are changing their communities.   


Jesudoss, East India
“I want to become an Indian Administrative Service officer because with power in my hands I can change the current state of my people.”

Jesudoss was born with a deformity in his lower limbs, causing him to lose both legs as a baby. At 13 years old, Jesudoss now has prosthetic legs, teaches maths and science to young children, leads in Scripture study and heads devotions and spiritual campaigns in his village. His vision is to minister to the children and youth of his community and start a secondary school to educate village children and break the cycle of poverty. 


Vivian, Tanzania
“I have always wanted to be a sociologist so that I can help people live a quality life. The course I am studying is very fit for me, because I want to help people and eventually start an orphanage to help disadvantaged children. I want to give back to society. I know I can help children reach their potential, as I was supported to reach my potential.”

Vivian is a second year student at the Institute of Finance Management, Dar es Salaam, studying a Bachelor of Science in Social Security and Protection. She believes she can give back to society through helping children living in poverty.


Rommel, the Philippines
“The youth here are exposed to drugs, prostitution and other criminal elements. Our goal is to reach out to the teenagers in this area. I feel really strongly about getting them away from [the traps of] our neighbourhood and helping many of them win against drug addiction.”

Rommel is a Compassion sponsored teenager and the president of a Compassion child development centre’s youth council in the Philippines. Made up of Compassion sponsored teenagers, the youth council encourages other sponsored youth to be faithful in the church and to reach out to teenagers in the community who have not come to know Jesus.


Juan, Columbia
“In the Leadership Development Program I have learned that leadership is not to order, it is not to be authoritative, but it is service, it is something you inspire, not something you demand.”

At 14, Juan started playing in the children’s worship group at his church and a year later he became the leader. Now at 22, Juan is a music student at the Distrital University of Bogotá. He continues to serve at his church and teach music to children. Juan is passionate about music ministry and he would like to continue writing songs and music for God.

Compassion child sponsorship: it’s working for over one million kids. You can make it work for one more. Be part of equipping the next generation of leaders.

Story by Provashish Dutta, Charles Ngowi, Edwin Estioko, Lina Marcela Alarcón and Amy Millar
Photos by Provashish Dutta, Charles Ngowi, Edwin Estioko and Lina Marcela Alarcón

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