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Convincing parents of some vague illness in order to get time off school is almost a rite of passage for Australian children. Easy access to education can result in Aussie kids viewing school as a chore. But for thousands of children around the world, education is a lifeline out of crippling poverty—and to study in a school building that provides adequate space and functionality is often a luxury.


The 2010 earthquake in Haiti caused widespread devastation leaving 80 per cent of schools in the capital of Port-au-Prince damaged or destroyed. Around 60 schools attended by Compassion sponsored children were affected leaving hundreds of children without access to formal education.

In the months following the earthquake, Compassion helped to rebuild classrooms  at local church-based centres and provided temporary shelter to families in need. These efforts provided relief for Compassion staff and renewed hope for children when they could finally resume lessons in their new classrooms.

It made Marie, a Compassion assisted child, feel hopeful.

“After the earthquake in Haiti, I could not go to school and I did not feel well about that. Our school had collapsed; when I saw that, I felt no hope. Not until Compassion came to provide my church with equipment to build shelters for both my Compassion centre and my school. I enjoy my time at school now and I am learning very well.”

Buildings are more than just bricks and mortar—they provide children with safety, security, and hope for the future.

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