Australian and world-leading cricket player Marnus Labuschagne has joined forces with Compassion to make every run count for children facing hunger.

The global food crisis is devastating the lives of children and families across the world with over 276 million people experiencing acute food insecurity, meaning they haven’t eaten for a day or more. According to the United Nations, the world is now moving backwards in its efforts to fight food insecurity and malnutrition.

The devastating reality and urgent need of the food crisis resonated with Marnus and his wife Bek. So over the 2022-2023 season, Marnus has partnered with Compassion Australia and pledged to donate 50 food packs for every half century he scores as part of the 50 for 50 campaign.

“There hasn’t been a day in my life when I haven’t had food on the table for me, let alone my family, to eat,” Marnus says. “To hear that there are over 276 million people globally who don’t have an idea of where their next meal is coming from is shocking.

“I believe cricket is more than just a game. It’s my responsibility to set an example, be a role model and invest in the next generation of children.”


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Biritu’s Story – Ethiopia

After a long day of gathering and selling firewood, Biritu walks home to her two young children of 11 and 6. She has been struggling to feed her children ever since her husband abandoned the family, leaving her with no money to care for the children.

“This season of my life is filled with sorrow because I failed to feed my children,” she says. “This has always been my fear. Most evenings, when it was time to head back home, my heart weakened. The image of my children waiting for me to cook for them made my journey back home painful.”

Biritu’s income cannot match the rising prices at the local markets. She and her children received food support that sustained her family at different times during the COVID-19 lockdown and afterwards. However, like many caregivers, soaring food prices have put her family in constant need.

Out of desperation, Biritu started looking for a way out. “I couldn’t bear to face the expectant eyes of my children and see them go to bed hungry anymore,” she says.

A couple of days later, she heard unexpected news from the local Compassion center.

“I cried when I was told to come and collect 50 kilos of flour and cooking oil,” she says. “I thank God for helping me realise I was not alone.”

For Biritu, the walk home each evening has been made much easier by the knowledge that she is not alone in providing for her children. “I feel peace knowing that we have food at home. The evenings are filled with laughter and my children are confident that they will be served dinner. I’m hanging by a thread of hope knowing that I’m not alone.”

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How can you partner with Marnus to make a difference?

Don’t worry—you don’t need to pick up your cricket bat to make an impact and help families like Biritu’s! You can fight hunger and support vulnerable children where you are today.

Compassion’s 8,200 local partners across over 25 countries are already responding to the global food crisis. When you give to the 50 for 50 campaign, you are joining with Compassion’s local partners to provide immediate food relief to those who need it the most. A donation of just $50 will feed a family for a whole month.

You can give $50 or more whenever a half century is scored (or even when it isn’t!) this season to help families facing the harsh reality of food insecurity. Together with Marnus, we’re aiming to raise $50,000 to provide food for 1,000 vulnerable children and families impacted by the global food crisis.

“I want to challenge you to skip getting takeaway one night and make a donation instead,” says Marnus. “Together we can make a difference.”


Words by Andrew Barker with field reporting by Tigist Gizachew