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This week is the 25th anniversary of National Volunteer Week. It’s a week spent celebrating the power of volunteering and at Compassion, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the amazing work our volunteers do for us...and shine the light on one of our most dedicated.  


Joshua “Joey” Ward has been a faithful volunteer at Compassion for over eight years. He serves two days a week, usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. After arriving at Compassion’s office, he heads upstairs and asks the incredible Volunteer Coordinator, Karen, what needs to be done for the day.

An average day volunteering at Compassion can include any number of jobs but the most common task is folding letters. Every child letter that makes its way into supporters’ mailboxes goes through Compassion’s volunteers. Joey also helps staff to prepare for any upcoming events.

Joey started volunteering with Compassion while his Mum was a staff member—and he fell in love with it. When asked why he enjoys volunteering, Joey smiles, “I like to come in here because it’s a friendly environment. I love it. I love the parties and having fun. I think it’s like a family, Compassion is like a second family to me”.

When asked whether he thinks other people should volunteer, Joey’s response is simple, “I would absolutely encourage people to volunteer. It’s a place to come to and have fun and work as well. Every time I come in here and I complete a job, I feel good about that.”

Joey is just one of many amazing volunteers who give up their time each week to come into Compassion’s office and help to complete some very important work. We want to thank all of our volunteers.  The work is so valued and each person is vital to Compassion’s ministry, as together, we see even more children released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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