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Compassion Ambassador Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher spoke at the second annual ‘Life In The Fastlane’ event, held last week at the Eastern Creek Raceway, about an exciting new partnership with Compassion.

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Jesus Racing

There is an unfortunate stereotype that women are more likely to respond to emotional issues such as poverty than men are, but that’s not true, at least as far as our supporters are concerned. Compassion Advocate Andrew Fisher is passionate about making sure this isn’t the case.

‘Life In The Fastlane’ was an incredible event in Sydney with over 750 guys in attendance, well over 50 amazing and exotic fast cars, and drag racing exhibitions shown on the race track. It was a men's event with an important difference: Andrew Fisher used his influence to engage with a whole group of men about how the rev of a motor is just as relevant to him as his faith and his drive for Compassion.

Having had the opportunity to witness the work of Compassion firsthand when he visited Compassion child development centres in India, Andrew feels passionate about the cause.

At ‘Life In The Fastlane’, Andrew took the opportunity to talk his partnership with Compassion.

Andrew 'Fishtail' Fisher

“We are launching a new project together between Jesus Racing and Compassion,” Andrew said.

“We want to create significant change for children living in poverty.”

Jesus Racing, with Andrew at the helm, is funding two Critical Interventions: one will provide income generating skills for quarry workers in Uttar Pradesh, India, and the second will construct a borehole well at a child development centre in Moshi, Tanzania.

Both of these Critical Interventions will help to improve the quality of life of Compassion assisted children, their family and community members.

Jesus Racing is a great example of how a hobby can change lives around the world. Do you know a business or opportunity that's impacting lives through Compassion? Let us know!

Words by Monique Wallace
Photos by Selwood Media and Design

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