Compassion’s Magazine is About the Girls

Just in time for the International Day of the Girl Child on 11 October, Compassion Magazine is here, and it’s about the girls. In this edition of the magazine, you will read stories of young girls from around the world; stories of their vulnerability and their great strength.

Warning: this magazine contains stories that some readers may find distressing or confronting.

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We’re walking a fine line in this edition of Compassion Magazine. It’s the line between horror and hope.

Every day, around the world, thousands of girls and women will be assaulted, abused, discriminated against, neglected and denied their rights. Often, this will happen for no other reason than the fact that they are female.

It is difficult to read stories of trauma without despairing of a world that can bring such harm to its most vulnerable.

It is equally difficult to read stories of hope and courage without thinking such hope is glib.

But our hope’s foundation is in God, who created each one of us—female and male. He suffers with us in our hurt and rejoices with us in our healing. If these stories fill us with anger, or grief, or joy, how much greater must His be? If we are moved to respond, how much more will He be?

Read these girls’ stories with courage and hope. They have told them in the same way.

It’s time to talk about the girls.

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