Peter's Story

Imagine living in a house with huge crevices in the walls giving passers-by a clear view inside your home—and leaving you exposed to wind and rain. Such lack of privacy and protection is hard to fathom. This was the reality facing Peter, a child in Compassion's Child Sponsorship Program, and his family in Kenya.

22 Mar, 2016

Peter's Story

The family lived in a two-room mud house with an iron sheet roof. One room was the parents' bedroom and the other doubled as a kitchen/living area by day and a bedroom for the seven children at night. There was only one seat in the house and limited storage space.

The kitchen was made up of three stones which acted as a fireplace. Due to the conditions, Peter and his siblings were often sick. "Once one of them gets [sick], everyone follows suit. It is hard to find dry pieces of firewood that don't smoke in this cold and wet weather," says Teresia, Peter's mother.

Through Compassion's Critical Interventions, Peter and 50 other families in his community with similar housing problems had safe and sturdy homes built for them. "I was so glad to hear that we would get a new house. I cannot tell you just how happy I was, and not only me, but my entire family," says Teresia.

Buildings are more than just bricks and mortar—they provide children with safety, security, and hope for the future. Please help us build homes, schools, halls and lives around the world by giving to the Infrastructure Critical Need

Words by Slias Irungu and Monique Wallace

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