Our hearts are with the thousands of Australians affected by the most devastating bushfires in the nation’s history. If this is you, please know that our heartfelt prayers and support are with you.

We stand together in prayer, firm in the knowledge of God’s goodness, power, love and grace. Please lift up the people and communities affected by the bushfires and ask for God’s Spirit to bring healing, restoration and hope.

  • Pray for the people and communities who have been devastated by fires in their region. Pray that they will receive the support they need to take stock and get back on their feet. Praise God for the amazing outpouring of love and support that so many of these communities have experienced and ask Him to ensure that others don’t slip through the cracks or get left behind.

  • Pray particularly for those who have lost friends, family members and loved ones. Pray that God will be their comfort and strength and that they will be surrounded with loving support as they grieve. Pray that His peace, which passes all understanding, will fill their hearts.

  • Pray for those who are looking to rebuild. Pray that they will receive the resources they need and that they will be supported in the process. Ask God to grow even stronger bonds of community and love as people come together.

  • Pray for the local churches in areas most affected. Pray that they will continue reaching out with God’s love to those who are hurting; ask that He will give them a spirit of compassion and perception to know how they can best encourage and support the families in their towns.

  • Pray for the many ecosystems that have been severely damaged; thank God for the organisations and individuals who are working to rescue and protect wildlife. Pray that God’s beautiful creation will be restored in the coming months and years.

“You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry” —Psalm 10:17, NIV

A special note for supporters in affected areas:

We realise that some of you have lost homes, belongings or even worse—loved ones. As part of the Compassion family, you have been a faithful supporter of children living in poverty, and we’re grateful. Now, we would like to support you.

As you begin to repair and rebuild your homes and your lives, we would like to help. If you need assistance covering your child sponsorship or regular giving contributions until you can get back on your feet, please let us know.

Stay safe. We’re praying for you. When the time is right, we’d love to help you.