School in Brazil

Children are alike all over the world: when given the chance, they love to go to school. Well, most of the time, they do! Matheus and Emanuele from Brazil love having the opportunity to learn and shared with us what they keep in their school bags. And for those of us experienced in the horrors of the ‘forgotten banana in the schoolbag’ never fear—there’s not a month-old piece of fruit in sight.

20 Jul, 2015

School in Brazil

Matheus and Emanuele have three things in common: they’re both 11 years old, they both attend Centro Educacional Clóvis de Castro Pereira public school in Pacatuba, Brazil, and they’re both sponsored through Compassion.

Matheus’s favourite subject is maths and he loves reading his maths textbook and learning new things. When the school year begins in February, the government provides one book for each subject to all students. However, the books are only on loan and need to be returned at the end of the school year in December. In July in Brazil, school breaks for 30 days.

Students in Brazil attend school part-time. Matheus studies from 1-6pm and attends the local Compassion child development centre in the morning. Some schools offer extracurricular activities and vocational courses.

It takes Matheus 10 minutes to walk to school. He is in grade six. His least favourite subject is history. Matheus wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up and also speak fluent English.

“If I could, I would only participate in math and art classes,” says Matheus.

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There are only two items in Matheus’s school bag: his maths book and his notebook. He says he’d normally carry a pen and pencil as well, but today he forgot them!

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Matheus’s favourite teacher is Elevoi. Eleovi teaches philosophy. The standard curriculum in public schools also includes science, physical education, geography, history, English, Portuguese and maths.

Meet Emanuele

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Emanuele loves arts classes and says when she grows up she wants to be an artist. Emanuele lives in Pacatuba with her mother. It takes her 15 minutes to walk to school. Her least favourite subject is Portuguese language.

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Inside Emanuele’s school bag there are a notebook and a maths school book, as well as the usual suspects: two blue pens and one red pen, a pencil, a heart-shaped eraser and a highlighter. Like many girls her age, Emanuele has covered her book and customised it—but not during class of course!

Through sponsoring a child with Compassion, you can help to give children living in poverty like Matheus and Emanuele the opportunity to attend school.

Words by Ana Rafaela and Monique Wallace Photos by Ana Rafaela

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