The Art of Fundraising

A picture tells a thousand words and these artworks tell the story of two very talented Compassion supporters who are impacting poverty. Six-year-old Mae and Pastor Andrew East used their artistic skills to share the story of Compassion and raise funds for children living in poverty.

03 Jun, 2015

The Art of Fundraising

Made by Mae

One afternoon when Mae was emptying her money box to take to the bank, she decided to set some coins aside to help people in need. She held onto the money for a while and spoke to her parents about what she wanted to do with it. Mae’s parents, Naomi and Phil, talked to her about the two children they sponsor through Compassion and encouraged her to think about ways she could help other children.

As a family they looked through the Gifts of Compassion catalogue to choose a gift. But Mae wanted to give more than she could on her own and came up with an idea.

“I could sell things,” says Mae. “Like a shop where people can buy things. I will set it up at the front of our house and people will come and I will give the money to the poor.”

Over the space of a few weeks, Mae was busy at work creating lovely artwork to sell and raise money for Gifts of Compassion.

The Made by Mae pop-up shop was a roaring success with all of the artwork sold to her kindergarten class, school teachers, family members, friends and neighbours for a total of $350 which was enough money to purchase a cow and a clean water unit. She even got her Gifts of Compassion cards written in by Silas Irungu, a Compassion graduate.

JUN-Fundraising Through Art-Silas 900p

In a thank you to her supporters, Mae showed her beautiful servant heart.

“My prayer is that you too realise the potential you have to change the lives of others just like I have.”

Little Mae is the perfect example of using your gifts to help others. Well done, Mae!

Andrew the Artist

Having painted his whole life, Andrew East decided to get lessons in watercolour at the age of 20. He soon realised how easy it is to become too focused on the detail of watercolour. In order to look past the ornate detail and just let the brush flow, Andrew set himself a challenge of painting one painting every day for 30 days. And what to do with the paintings? Auction them off to raise money for Compassion!

Watch Andrew share his inspiring story of fundraising.

Art is just one of any number of ways you can fundraise for Compassion. If fundraising is something you’re interest in, you can register your interest here.

Words by Monique Wallace

Photos by Naomi (Mae’s mother) and Berlinda Fortin

Video shot and produced by Reel Thing Media

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