The Journey of a Christmas Card

The journey of a Christmas card is a long one before it makes it into the hands of a Compassion assisted child. Find out why!

24 Aug, 2015

The Journey of a Christmas Card

We know it seems early to be talking about Christmas when Christmas trees and decorations haven’t even made it to the shops yet, but there’s a really good reason, we promise!

Along with celebrating the birth of Jesus, receiving Christmas cards and gifts can be a big part of what makes Christmas so special for children—and children living in poverty are no different. The opportunity to hold in their hands a card from their sponsor wishing them a happy Christmas makes them feel very special.

Each year every Compassion assisted child receives a gift thanks to generous donations from our supporters. In the coming weeks, you will receive a letter from Compassion with a Christmas card for each of your sponsored children to go with their Christmas gifts. All you need to do is write your Christmas message on the card provided and send it back to us. The only catch is that we need to receive all Christmas cards by the end of September.

Why? Because from the moment the envelope is sealed and on its way to Compassion, the journey of a Christmas card will pass through many hands.

Christmas cards arrive at Compassion Australia’s head office in tubs which hold up to 500 Christmas cards and on any given day, we can receive up to 2000! Each envelope is opened by a dedicated team of 10 staff and volunteers who diligently prepare your cards, letters and photos in readiness for delivery.

Every morning, new cards and letters are scanned, acknowledged and added to the file of the sponsor. Next step, the cards are bagged in country order and weighed, in readiness for DHL International Shipping to collect every second Friday.

Once the cards arrive in the field countries, a team of faithful volunteers unpack the parcel received from Australia. These volunteers then translate each letter and card, one by one, into the appropriate language. Let’s remember that each country is receiving thousands of letters and Christmas cards each week as Australians aren’t the only ones writing to the children.

When the letters and Christmas cards are translated, it’s time for the children to receive their precious cards and read your kind words. This process, from putting the card in the mailbox to ending up in the hands of your sponsored child, can take up to eight weeks. Sometimes even longer for people like Kari, the mail runner.

While this process might seem long, it all becomes worth it when a child’s eyes light up with joy as they read their special Christmas message from their sponsor. To make sure that all children have the opportunity to experience this joy and receive a special gift, we ask that you send us your Christmas cards before Wednesday 30 September. If you miss that deadline, please be sure to still send them in!

If you haven’t already, please consider giving to Compassion’s Christmas Appeal to bless children living in poverty.

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