It’s not every day that you hear a birth story including a motorbike! Meet Samuel, Grace and Patience. These adorable triplets from Uganda have quite the story behind their birth.

When Annet went into labour, she had no idea she would be giving birth to more than one baby. After Samuel was born in her home, she had trouble cutting the umbilical cord.

Annet jumped on a motorbike with Samuel and her sister-in-law to rush to the nearest medical centre where a nurse told a very surprised Annet that there was another baby on the way.

The nurse was concerned about the delivery so Annet got on another motorbike and travelled to a larger hospital for help. There, she had the first scan of her pregnancy and was told by the doctor there was not one, but two more babies coming!

Soon Grace and Patience entered the world via caesarean, weighing just 1.8kgs each.

Patience Triple Blessings Photo Grace Triple Blessings Photo Samuel Triple Blessings Photo

Sadly, once Annet’s husband heard she had delivered triplets, he shunned her, fearing that triplets were a curse. Thankfully Compassion staff stepped in, providing Annet with the support she needed.

While Annet has her hands full caring for three babies, she knows she is not alone thanks to the love and support from Compassion, and her brother, sister-in-law and father.

“I had lots of thoughts before leaving the hospital of how to come out and what to do, but Jesus brought you and you supported me, I feel relieved,” says Annet.

“I give God all the glory.”

You can support Mums and Babies like Annet care for their children in the early years of their life.

Words by Caroline A Mwinemwesigwa and Amy Millar

Photos by Caroline A Mwinemwesigwa