Grace has turned hardship into inspiration by using her story to advocate for others and inspire change. You too can make an impact like Grace.

Take up the cause

God has called each one of us, like Grace, to advocate for those in need and influence change for our global future.

Compassion is seeing over two million children released from poverty in Jesus' name, but there is more work to be done. We want to empower you to take up this cause and see more youth grow into the fullness God has for them.

Sponsor a child together Join with other youth in sponsoring a child as a group. Each child has value, so helping one child living in poverty makes a big impact. Here's how:

  1. Choose a child: Head to Pick the child you'd like to connect with and become their sponsor.
  2. Build a relationship: Get to know your sponsored child through letter writing.
  3. Change a life: You're transforming the life of a child living in poverty!

Jesus, the Church and you: it's a combination more powerful than poverty.

Our Gift to you

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