They Told Us To Say Goodbye

Seven-year-old Cruz from El Salvador was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia—doctors say he has only two months to live. But the hope Cruz found in Jesus continues to sustain him as he believes for a miracle.

22 Feb, 2016

They Told Us To Say Goodbye

"He has only two months left to live.”

It’s a burden almost too hard for anyone to carry or comprehend, let alone a child.

In the early years of his life, Cruz was healthy. It wasn’t until December 2012 when he began to run alarmingly high fevers that his parents had an inkling something wasn’t right. A local doctor diagnosed Cruz with profound anaemia and he was rushed to the National Children’s Hospital. It was there that Sara, Cruz’s mother, was given the devastating news: her son had leukaemia.

Once a week Sara and Cruz would make the nearly 90 kilometre trip to visit the children’s hospital in San Salvador to treat his acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. While a long journey, Compassion covers the family’s travel expenses and thankfully, treatment in public hospitals is free.

Now, three years later, the doctors are at an impasse. Little Cruz’s spinal cord is too weak from the cancerous cells to withstand the harsh but necessary treatment. The intravenous chemotherapy was stopped; the radiation sessions too much for his small body to handle.

Though he isn’t well enough to attend school, Cruz still finds refuge in his local Compassion centre. Through the love of the staff members, Cruz received Jesus into his heart, learning about God and increasing his faith that he will be healed.

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“In my dreams, Jesus tells me to be brave,” says Cruz, recalling the many dreams he has of Jesus visiting his bedside. His favourite Bible story is in Mark, when Jesus forgives and heals a paralysed man.

Beyond the food supplements, vitamins and medicine he receives through Compassion, what Cruz treasures the most are the home visits from the staff who have been with him in his darkest moments.

“We were crushed with the hard news, but it gave us a chance to pray even harder to see a miracle before our eyes,” says Brenda, director of the Compassion centre Cruz attends.

“We take turns visiting Cruz no matter the time of day. Even at night we’ve been holding his hand, crying with him, praying for his fever to break.”

Though he’s sick, Cruz is still just like other boys his age. He loves to play soccer and go down to the river to play—even with his socks on because it’s fun! At home you’ll find him playing with animals and his action figures; his full head of hair belying his current state of health.

With medical treatment stopped with the exception of oral chemotherapy, it is Cruz’s faith that has brought him beyond the two months the doctors predicted.

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“He is a happy child with an unbreakable faith, and often tells me not to cry anymore because Jesus will heal him,” says Sara through tears. “This is my desire, that God will give me my son for the rest of my life. Every day I pray for a miracle, because losing him would be the hardest thing ever, he has already suffered enough. But if it is God’s will to take him, I will accept it.”

“I love you, Mum,” says Cruz. “Jesus told me in my dream to be brave, therefore I will be brave because I know He will heal me.”

Please join us in praying for Cruz. We praise God that Cruz has been able to find faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ. We pray for miraculous healing in Jesus’ name for Cruz.

Words by Nora Diaz and Monique Wallace

Photos by Nora Diaz

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