Tim’s Blog: Impact of Child Survival

Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares the amazing change he has seen in mums and babies across the world due to being part of Compassion’s Child Survival Program.

07 Oct, 2015

Tim’s Blog: Impact of Child Survival

I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to see firsthand the difference Compassion’s programs are making on the lives of children living in poverty. In April this year I visited Uganda where I met one of the mothers in our Child Survival Program, Grace*.

Grace has three children: Joseph* who is five, Joy* who is four, and Daniel* who is four months old. Her husband, the children’s father, passed away from HIV/AIDS only a few months before Daniel was born. Grace received the devastating news that she, too, is HIV-positive. Thankfully Joseph and Joy are in the clear—Daniel is too young to tell.

Through a neighbour who goes to church, Grace learnt about the Child Survival Program and quickly joined when Daniel was two months old. Since then, Grace has benefitted from antiretroviral medication to treat HIV. The sense of community and opportunities to learn income generating skills from the Child Survival Program have made a huge impact on her family’s life

Mums and babies like Grace and Daniel may not have much, but they are overflowing with hope thanks to the local church who run the Child Survival Program. I’m so encouraged to see how many lives are being changed through the support of sponsors and donors like you.



*Names have been changed

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