Tim’s Blog: Visiting Homes

Stepping into someone else’s home helps to give you a glimpse of their life. Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna reflects on the privilege of visiting the homes of Compassion assisted children during his recent visit to Indonesia.

10 Jul, 2016

Tim’s Blog: Visiting Homes

IMG 9407 900p-(1) I was recently in Indonesia with a group of Compassion staff; it was a trip that has been impactful in many ways. We had the opportunity to visit numerous Compassion child development centres where we witnessed the Child Sponsorship Program and the Child Survival Program in action.

Meeting and spending time with children and teenagers in Compassion’s programs is such an honour. Seeing the impact Compassion and the local church are making in their lives is an encouragement to me—and I hope an encouragement to you as well—that what we do makes a difference.

One of the things I enjoy the most when I travel to see Compassion’s work is the visits I get to make to children’s homes to meet their families and hear about their lives. On this trip, a few things came to mind as I sat in these homes:

  • I was reminded of what a great privilege it is to be invited warmly into someone’s home!
  • I was struck by the generosity and joy of people living in adversity, who have much less materially than I have.
  • I saw the great impact of the dads in most cases. Unfortunately very often during home visits, you discover that the fathers have left home, or they are away trying to find work in order to support their family. Sadly, some fathers feel bad that their children have needed to be sponsored. This isn't what I encountered on these visits. The dads were there, engaging with us and their children, and they were so proud of their kids. What a joy to see!

Please keep praying for your sponsored child’s family and home life. It really is critical to their development. And if you get an opportunity to go and visit, I recommend you take that opportunity whole-heartedly!



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