Tim's Blog: Building Relationships

Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares how encouraged he is to receive letters from church leaders in the community where his Compassion sponsored children live.

11 Aug, 2015

Tim's Blog: Building Relationships

In the past couple of weeks you would have received letters from the pastors of the churches where your sponsored children attend Compassion activities.

What a great thing these letters are! You have the opportunity to find out what each church is like, what the community is like, how the program is operating from a pastor’s perspective, and how the kids in general are growing. They’re a wonderful adjunct to the letters we receive from our sponsored children—sometimes with a bit more information than a five-year-old can share.

Some of the things I read from the pastors were really encouraging. Things such as:

Great impact can be seen on the children who are attending our centre.

Since we entered into partnership with Compassion, drastic changes have taken place in the lives of people and the entire community at large.

In each of these letters, I am so excited to read the difference Compassion’s programs make in the lives of children. I also continue to hear how much the children love to receive letters from their sponsor. These letters are valuable building blocks for relationships that stretch around the world. Writing letters has never been easier. Simply log onto your My Account and tell your sponsored child about your life—they’re always eager to hear from you.

What a blessing it is to build relationships with our sponsored children and the people in their communities who make an incredible difference in their lives. I pray you find these letters as encouraging as I do.



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