Tim's Blog: Changing A Life

Poverty can look different all around the world, but together we can help change it. Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares how we can change one little girl’s life this Valentine’s Day.

02 Feb, 2015

Tim's Blog: Changing A Life

After a recent trip to the US, I was reminded of how different things can be on the other side of the world. I left the Aussie summer for American winter, swapping the beach for the snow. But it’s not just the weather that is different all over the world. Poverty can look different depending on the region too. From the stark physical and economic poverty of Africa to the social and gang related poverty of Latin America, to the dangers of trafficking and growing up in poor in parts of Asia—it is all poverty but looks different in each region. The good news is that we can change it.

An example of this comes with a little girl called Bintang who lives in Indonesia. The seven year old has Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare and serious heart condition that requires urgent heart surgery. The reality is that if Bingtang was born here in Australia, she would have likely had corrective surgery as an infant; sadly, due to circumstances beyond her control, she’s had to carry this condition for over seven years. But together, we can help change Bintang’s life.

I encourage you to share the love this Valentine’s Day and help us raise $20,500 for Bintang’s surgery. Even giving as little as $20 will help us reach our goal. Find out more or make a donation.

The face and circumstances of poverty can change, but God’s love for children in need stays the same. Let’s keep demonstrating that love for Bintang, and for millions of children like her who are living under the blight of poverty.

Blessings, Tim

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