Tim's Blog: Extending Grace

As the New Year has kicked off and our calendars start filling up, Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares a story to remind us about the impact of child sponsorship.

12 Jan, 2015

Tim's Blog: Extending Grace

Christmas is over, many of us have returned to work after a break with friends and family, and kids are starting to get ready to kick off the school year. As we plan for the year ahead here at Compassion, I think it is important to pause and take a moment to reflect on why we do what we do.

A few months ago I witnessed a touching reminder about the true impact sponsors have on the lives of children living in poverty.

Like many churches across the country, Hillsong held their Compassion Sunday event; a great opportunity for churches to share the life-changing impact of child sponsorship with their congregations. The joy that made this event particularly special came when a faithful couple who have been sponsoring children for three decades were surprised by their now grown up sponsored child from Uganda, Olive, appearing from backstage. It was a beautiful moment to share as Olive hugged Maria and Hans, or ‘mum and dad’ as she calls them. Once the tears stopped flowing, we could see such a great example of the impact of child sponsorship right before our eyes. Olive told Hans and Maria that they taught her grace and she now extends that grace to other children. Isn’t it wonderful that changing one life through child sponsorship can lead to many more lives being changed?

As life gets busy, I want to encourage you to take a moment to think about your impact on your sponsored child. Sponsorship is so much more than a monthly transaction. You are changing a life.

Blessings, Tim

P.S. If you didn’t see the video of Olive meeting Hans and Maria, check it out. Be warned, you might need a tissue!

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