Tim's Blog: Our Child Champions

There’s one in every Compassion centre around the world. Usually there’s more than one. They’re child champions—women and men who are convinced that God has a special place in His heart and His Kingdom for children, especially children living in poverty. Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna is happy to introduce a true child champion to you today.

10 May, 2016

Tim's Blog: Our Child Champions

During a recent trip to the Philippines, I had the pleasure of meeting a great child champion, Beth, who is the centre director of a Compassion child development centre in Cebu City.

Beth has been working at the centre for almost 16 years and currently ministers to the 730 children in the Child Sponsorship Program, and the 40 mothers and children in the Child Survival Program. It was great to spend time with Beth and find out what keeps her motivated after so many years of serving.

“I think it’s so wonderful to see children who are less fortunate given the opportunities other children [who are more fortunate] have,” Beth told me. “It’s so rewarding to see them change and transform in all aspects.”

One of the most exciting things Beth shared with me was the amazing work and development that’s happening among the youth at her centre. They’ve seen 20 students graduate from university and many more graduate from vocational schools.

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To keep these students connected to the local church, Beth had the great idea of starting cell groups for them once they completed their studies. Three years ago, she started by personally discipling 24 students. Two years down the track, these 24 young adults disciple 54 youth and children! How wonderful to see these children transformed and beginning to be a catalyst of change in their community through the nurturing and guidance they received from Beth.

Beth is just one example of a great woman of God—a child champion who makes a huge difference to children and their families in the Philippines.

I encourage you to keep Beth—and the staff just like her working at thousands of centres in the 26 countries we work in—in your prayers as they minister to these children. Be encouraged by the incredible work they are able to do with the support of sponsors like you!



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