Tim's Blog: Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who donated to The Education Appeal from Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna.

06 Jul, 2015

Tim's Blog: Thank You

Over the past six weeks, we have shared with you multiple stories of children living in poverty, who, through extra educational opportunities, were equipped with the skills they needed in order to succeed. We shared the success stories of children like Sameson and Mamoni who benefitted from specialised education.

I recently had the joy of speaking at a Child Sponsorship Program graduation in the Philippines. There were 48 Compassion sponsored students who had graduated from tertiary education. About two-thirds of these students graduated with bachelor’s degrees from universities, with the rest completing shorter courses in areas such as IT, hotel management and health care. I had the privilege of witnessing firsthand how the opportunity to complete tertiary education had changed their lives.

While every Compassion assisted child has the opportunity to go to school, there is still a great need for many children who would benefit from extra educational support through tutoring, textbooks, resource centres, vocational training and much more. We put out the call and our generous supporters responded to The Education Appeal.

I would like to say a huge thank you—together we raised over $757,000 to help children like Sameson benefit from extra education.

Together, we have been able to make a difference to the lives of children and families living in poverty. Thank you!



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