Tim's Blog: The Compassion Family

After attending Grandparents Day at his grandkids’ school, Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna reflects on how visiting Compassion centres feels like spending time with family.

09 Mar, 2016

Tim's Blog: The Compassion Family

My wife and I recently took a whirlwind trip to Brisbane where we had the chance to go to Grandparents Day at school with three of our grandkids. It’s been eight years since we last attended one, so we decided it would be great to surprise our grandkids and show up at their school.

We spent a morning together doing puzzles and jigsaws, hand-painting, and making paper planes to see whose could go the furthest—it wasn’t mine! We had the chance to visit the library and buy some books for our grandkids. Then Grandparents Day was over and we returned to Newcastle.

This visit reminded me of another big family I’m part of—the Compassion family. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Compassion centres across the world and each time I’m struck by how much stopping in at these centres feels like being at home surrounded by grandkids. We’re all part of one big family, and that includes you!

Even if you haven’t realised it, you are crucial to the Compassion family. Your support goes a long way to make a lasting impact in the lives of children living in poverty. You have the opportunity to form a relationship through letter writing, to connect with a child and tell them they matter.

I feel honoured to be part of such a unique family and I hope you do too. My visit to my grandkids’ school also got me thinking about the fact that for a number of children in Compassion’s programs, every day is Grandparents Day. Parents may have passed away or disappeared, or gone away for work and the children are in the permanent care of their grandparents.

Beyond their home lives, children in Compassion’s programs are part of a big family. It is good for us to remember this and to pray for the grandparents of these children who are caring for kids as the significant others in their lives.



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