Tim's Blog: The Reality Of Poverty

Through his travels to the developing world, Compassion Australia CEO Tim Hanna shares the different realities of poverty he has seen.

09 Nov, 2015

Tim's Blog: The Reality Of Poverty

As Compassion Australia CEO, I sometimes have the opportunity and privilege to visit our field countries and see the amazing work of the local church. I have travelled across continents this year and caught a glimpse into the lives of those living in poverty, and even though my visits were often short, God has used them to keep teaching me about His love and my responsibility to serve the poor.

These visits remind me that poverty can look different in the different regions of the world. From the stark physical and economic hardships of Africa to the social and gang related poverty of Latin America, to the dangers of trafficking and growing up in poor parts of Asia.

While these visits are a break from the normal routine of life for me, for those children and their families who live under the blight of poverty, there are no breaks. This is their reality—the reality of poverty, brokenness and injustice. But, so far this year, there have been many families in the developing world discovering a new reality. Discovering that there are people in Australia who have chosen to support and sponsor their children—helping them and bringing them the hope of a brighter future.

Thank you for all you do to change the reality for these children.



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